Looking to expand your brand and reach more travelers?

The goal at Maps & Merlot is straightforward: to illustrate that juggling a career and “real life” with an insatiable appetite to travel is completely possible. I’ve heard the same question so many times: how do you travel so much when you have a job??? Ultimately, I decided to create a travel blog for millennials looking to have it all. Can it be tough? Yes. But let me tell you, it’s oh so worth it!

What Can Maps & Merlot Offer You?

My strong background in business and communications helps me to connect your brand with its target audience in a genuine way. I can offer you:

  • A strong and engaged social media audience across Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • High resolution photography
  • An engaging voice recognized for fun, creative content
  • High quality writing skills
  • Clear communication and fast response times

Collaboration Opportunities

If you feel your brand would be a good fit for Maps & Merlot, potential collaboration opportunities are as follows:

  • Hotel, activity, and restaurant reviews
  • User Generated Content
  • Sponsored posts
  • Press trips
  • Social media promotion

Final Note

All posts containing sponsored content will be marked with a disclaimer at the end of the post. Any reviews or content created by Maps & Merlot will reflect the unbiased opinion of the writer.

To discuss collaboration opportunities, send Melissa an email at hello@MapsAndMerlot.com or inquire below:

Questions, comments, want to say hello?