14 Best Instagram Spots on Paros (With Maps!)

Paros is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea that is home to beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and the most photogenic villages. We spent a lot of time just driving around the island and wandering through the towns – it felt like there was a photogenic spot around every bend in the road!

I may have driven my husband crazy with all of the requests to stop for photos, but it was all for good reason…sometimes you just can’t pass up the chance to snap a photo at the best Instagram spots on Paros.

If you’re planning a visit to Paros and are interested in tracking down some of those iconic shots you’ve seen on Instagram, look no further. I’ve rounded up the top 14 Instagram spots on Paros – some are well known, but others are some gems I stumbled upon during my adventures around the island.

Where possible, I’ve included Google Maps links to the exact photo locations on Paros for your reference. Ready to explore the best Instagram spots on Paros? Let’s do it!

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Overview of the Best Instagram Spots on Paros

If you like consolidated lists, this section is a great reference. This is my full list of the top Instagram spots on Paros – scroll to each section to get all the details – the photo, directions, and link to the Google Maps location!

  1. Naoussa Pedestrian Area
  2. Linardo
  3. Paros Viewpoint
  4. Barbarossa
  5. Port of Naoussa
  6. Church with Bougainvillea (Naoussa)
  7. Parikia Church
  8. Old Town Parikia
  9. Pink Door
  10. White Church (Marpissa)
  11. Lefkes Cafe
  12. Bougainvillea Corner House
  13. Santa Maria Beach
  14. Paros Park

Interactive Google Map

The map below is an interactive Google Map with links to the Instagram spots on Paros mentioned in the post. Each section below gives further details on the location, examples of photos you can take, and will provide a link to the location within Google Maps.

Best Instagram Spots on Paros

1. Naoussa Pedestrian Area (Naoussa)

Location on Google Maps

We’ll start our list of the best Instagram spots on Paros in Naoussa. Naoussa has a little bit of everything – restaurants, nightlife, and one of my most favorite downtown areas. I’d recommend spending some time meandering the Naoussa pedestrian area, which is closed to cars.

twirling in Naoussa, Paros pedestrian area

The whitewashed houses, pebbled streets, and plentiful bougainvillea create that quintessential Greek feel. The location I tagged on Google Maps is the location of my first photo, but I’d definitely spend a morning wandering through the town and you’ll be sure to capture plenty of memorable shots.

2. Linardo (Naoussa)

Location on Google Maps

Linardo is one of the iconic Instagrammable locations on Paros – you will likely recognize the shot of the bright pink door and the Aegean sea in the background.

Fun fact about Linardo: it is actually a night club that is open until the wee hours of the morning. I cannot attest to how late because I’m an early to bed and early to rise kind of girl, but I can say that when we were walking around at 7:00am, the workers at Linardo were just finishing up their cleaning routine and closing the doors. On the plus side, there was absolutely no line to take pictures at that time of day.

Linardo in Naoussa, Paros

Naoussa is so incredibly photogenic that one of the best things to do in Paros is to schedule a vacation photographer to commemorate your time on the island! Whether you’re traveling solo, planning a proposal, or just want to capture picture-perfect memories with loved ones, it makes for a memorable experience!

3. Paros Viewpoint (Naoussa)

Location on Google Maps

From Linardo, walk toward the Aegean Sea, and you’ll see this viewpoint of Paros to your right. The early morning light was spectacular here and felt like something out of a movie. It was definitely one of my favorite photo spots on Paros.

Paros viewpoint past Linardo - top Instagram locations in Paros

Paros Viewpoint gives you the perfect view of the island’s whitewashed houses over a sparkling blue sea. This is also a cool spot to launch a drone and get views of the entire town. We have a DJI Mini 3 Pro for our drone (which for anyone considering a drone, is so easy to learn!) A word of caution – Paros was extremely windy while we were there, making it somewhat difficult to launch a drone. If you decide to fly a drone, make sure to check the weather conditions and drone regulations in advance!

Naoussa port in Paros from drone

4. Barbarossa (Naoussa)

Location on Google Maps

In the same area as Linardo, you’ll find Barbarossa. Barbarossa is a restaurant, but also makes for a cute backdrop for your Paros Instagram photo. Since it is a place of business, make sure you only shoot here while the restaurant is closed so you don’t become one of “those tourists.”

Barbarossa in Naoussa, Paros

5. Port of Naoussa (Naoussa)

Location on Google Maps

The port of Naoussa was one of my favorite Instagram spots on Paros and it truly felt like the port was the heart of the town. After making your way through tiny pebbled alleys, you arrive at the port, which is home to an array of restaurants and bars.

Naoussa port in Paros

You can also see the traditional fishing boats and the fishermen that still work in the industry. Throughout our time there, we saw the fisherman mending nets, working on their boats, and hanging up the octopi and fresh catch of the day.

I’d recommend visiting the port multiple times throughout the day – the morning is the quietest time and gives you the most relaxing view. As the day progresses, the restaurants and bars fill up, which makes for great people watching. Make sure to catch a sunset one evening…best done with a tasty beverage in hand!

Naoussa port at sunset, Paros

6. Church with Bougainvillea (Naoussa)

Location on Google Maps

I’ll be frank about this next location…I may have gotten a bit turned around, stopped to check my phone for directions, and when I looked up, this church was right in front of me. Sometimes wandering without a plan and getting lost in a town leads you to the hidden gems you never knew you needed to find.

In any case, I absolutely loved how I could frame this church with bougainvillea to give it that essential Greek feeling; the combination of the blue and white plus bright flowers transformed it from a simple church to one of my favorite Instagram locations on Paros.

church in Naoussa, Paros

7. Parikia Church (Parikia)

Location on Google Maps

Moving on from Naoussa, head over to Parikia, which is the capital and main port of Paros. It is bigger than Naoussa and I honestly didn’t love it as much as I did Naoussa. However, there are still plenty of Instagrammable locations in Parikia, so I’ll pass along a few of my favorites.

First up is this perfect little church in Parikia’s pedestrian area. To find the church itself, find Vanilla Gelateria on the corner, turn down the alley next to the gelateria, and in about 300 feet, you’ll see this pretty church. It was a great photo spot on Paros and has such a quintessential Greek feel.

White Church in Parikia, Paros - top Instagram spots on Paros
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8. Old Town Parikia (Parikia)

Location on Google Maps

As the location of the main port on Paros, the streets of Parikia’s pedestrian area can get pretty busy, especially just after the ferry has arrived. However, a lot of the congestion seems confined to the main thoroughfares.

Parikia, Paros pedestrian area

We spent a few hours just meandering through the back alleys and the narrow whitewashed streets were just so quaint. Even though Parikia is compact, I’d recommend penciling in a couple hours to slowly explore the area, take in the sights, and maybe stop for a gyro or glass of wine.

9. Pink Door (Marpissa)

Location on Google Maps

Head on over to Marpissa, where you’ll find the iconic pink door. I’m honestly not sure how the pink door became one of the top Instagram spots on Paros, but make sure that in addition to seeing the pink door, you give yourself some time to wander the alleys of Marpissa.

Pink Door in Marpissa, Paros

The village has gorgeous whitewashed buildings, small squares, and ubiquitous churches. One of my favorite things about Marpissa was how quiet it felt, especially after coming from Parikia. We opted to stop for lunch at a local café to enjoy some authentic Greek food.

Marpissa, Paros pedestrian area

10. White Church (Marpissa)

Location on Google Maps

This little white church in Marpissa also turned out to be one of my favorite Instagram spots on Paros. I loved the neutral colored brick on the far corner. To shoot at this spot, make sure you bring a wide-angle lens because the alleys are a bit tight.

White church in Marpissa, Paros

11. Lefkes Café (Lefkes)

Location on Google Maps

I refer to this spot as Lefkes Café, though I’m really not sure whether or not it is truly a café – it just has that café vibe with outdoor tables. This spot is located within the square by the Agia Triada Church. It’s a great spot to rest your weary feet, people watch, and snap some cute pictures.

Lefkes Cafe in Paros

12. Bougainvillea Corner House (Lefkes)

Location on Google Maps

Lefkes is also home to this adorable house on the corner with flowering bougainvillea. It can be somewhat difficult to find since Lefkes has lots of small, winding paths, so make sure to use my Google Maps link!

Lefkes was the former capital of Paros during the Middle Ages and is one of the most mountainous villages on the island. There are several parking areas located on the edge of town, so after parking, you will be free to explore Lefkes on foot. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to wander the whitewashed alleys and soak it all in.

Lefkes bougainvillea house on Paros

13. Santa Maria Beach

Location on Google Maps

Santa Maria Beach is located in northeast Paros and has beautiful turquoise water. You can choose to splurge for a sunbed or bring your own blanket to the free part of the beach. I really enjoyed just walking down the beach and taking in the views. For me, the Aegean is a bit cold (I’m a true Florida girl), but the weather was perfect for a walk down the coastline.

Santa Maria Beach in Paros

14. Paros Park

Location on Google Maps

Paros Park is a protected seaside nature reserve with a network of walking trails, remote beaches, and hidden caves. One of the paths leads to Korakas Lighthouse, located on the point. If you’re interested in the lighthouse, follow trail number 1. There is also a 3.9 mile loop that is a popular spot for an easy hike. AllTrails includes all sorts of hiking tips, maps, and recent trail conditions if you are interested in a hike.

It was incredibly windy the day we went, but it turned out to be a really enjoyable hike overall. We enjoyed great views of the Aegean Sea and could look back toward Paros, as well. It was nice to enjoy some time in nature and take a break from the summer crowds.

Paros Park lighthouse

Where to Stay on Paros

The big question when visiting the island is where to stay on Paros? Your two main options will be Naoussa or Parikia, though there are obviously plenty of small towns and more remote countryside villas if you so desire. I personally opted for Naoussa over Parikia and would make the same decision again. Naoussa has more luxurious accommodations, a  super chic downtown area, trendy cocktail bars, and some of the best vibes on the island. Not to mention, Naoussa had some of my favorite photo spots on Paros!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to find more budget accommodations and easy access to public transportation, Parikia may be the right fit for you. Paros’s public transport is centered around Parikia, so if you’re not renting a car, the main bus station in Parikia makes it easier to move around the island. I’ll lay out some of my favorite options for both Naoussa and Parikia so you can pick the correct choice for you.

Naoussa port in Paros, Greece

Naoussa Options

Lilly Residence (Adults Only) – Enjoy luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea at this stunning hotel. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience – take advantage of the champagne breakfast on the sun terrace or tasty cocktails at the pool-side bar. Best of all, this hotel is only a 5 minute walk into town!

Paliomylos Spa Hotel – This mid-range hotel offers a pool with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. If you get a little chilly, take a dip in the indoor salt-water hot tub. The hotel is located within walking distance of restaurants and bars and is about 10 minutes from downtown Naoussa.

Fotilia Hotel – This mid-range boutique hotel is located just a few minutes’ walk from the center of downtown (and is pretty affordable!) They also offer a free airport shuttle service, which makes getting to the hotel incredibly convenient. It is a family-run business and all of the employees are so welcoming. Fun fact – the hotel has a windmill room if you want to get super into the Greek life!

Fotolia Hotel - where to stay in Naoussa, Paros
Fotilia Hotel

Parikia Options

Paros Agnanti Hotel – The suites here are absolutely luxurious and this is hands-down the best option if you’re looking for world class service in Parikia. The pool has spectacular views and the rooms all have different features – I’d go for the one with the infinity pool! This is a great spot for couples looking to enjoy some time together and a romantic vacation in Greece. The hotel is located a bit outside of Parikia, but offers a complimentary shuttle bus into town.

Paros Palace – Paros Palace is a mid-range to luxury option (depending upon the room you book) that offers the best of both worlds. Located just a 10 minute walk from the beach, the hotel is near enough to Parikia to partake in the shopping and nightlife (~1km). If you’d prefer to take a shuttle, the hotel also offers complimentary transfers to the town during the day. Paros Palace offers spacious rooms (some come with private pools – check out the Premium or Deluxe Suite with Private Pool!) The hotel also offers a pool for all hotel guests – it is perfect to take a dip after a long day of exploring Paros’s best photo spots.

Roses Beach Hotel – A great mid-range option, this hotel is a 3 minute walk to the beach and about a 15 minute walk from downtown. Roses Beach Hotel is a small, family-run establishment that prides itself on attention to detail, a great location, and the perfect Greek ambiance. The pool, pool-side bar, private parking, and free transfer to and from the port are great bonuses that come with booking this hotel!

Getting to Paros

The two main ways to get to Paros are via air or ferry, depending upon your starting point. If you are arriving from Athens, you could choose to fly (we did) or come via ferry. The flights from Athens are approximately 45 minutes vs. a ferry ride of 3-4 hours. For us, the ability to save time coupled with the fact that we were already at the Athens airport made it an easy choice. Aegean Air offers multiple direct flights per day from Athens to Paros.

Your other option is via the ferry. If you are coming from another island (Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos, etc.), the ferry is an easy option. FerryHopper helps to find the best and cheapest ferry tickets and searches across the main ferry companies in the area. When moving between islands on our Greece trip, we used FerryHopper to book tickets and it was an incredibly easy process.

Naoussa Port in Paros, Greece

Getting Around Paros

I personally recommend renting some kind of vehicle to get around Paros. It gives you so much more flexibility to explore the entire island on your own schedule. Whether you prefer a scooter, ATV, or car is completely up to you.

We rented an ATV for a day, a car for two days, and were on foot for one day. Pros of an ATV are that it is fun and easier to park in busy locations. However, if you are driving long distances, it gets a bit sweaty under the Greek sun (and also very windy!) Cars are preferable for driving any longer distances around the island, but ATVs or scooters are sufficient for hopping between the nearby beach and town.

To find your best deal on rentals in Paros, check out Expedia. The site will filter through all the larger rental companies on the island so you can get your best deal. One thing to note here – there are certainly some cheaper deals, but oftentimes, they are with less reputable companies. I’d recommend either sticking with a global company you know (e.g. Alamo, Budget, Hertz, etc.) or thoroughly reading the reviews of the smaller companies. There are definitely some great smaller companies out there and we rented our ATV from one of them!

If you’re planning to mostly stay within the town where your hotel is located and/or you prefer to not rent any type of vehicle, you can take advantage of the public bus system on Paros. Parikia is the center of most of the bus routes. The Paros bus timetable is straightforward and ticket prices are reasonable. The main downside of the busses is that you will have less freedom to explore on your own and you will have to be aware of the bus schedules.

I hope you found this guide to the best Instagram locations in Paros helpful in planning your travels. If you have any other Instagrammable locations on Paros, drop them in the comments…I always love to hear your suggestions! If you’re looking for other cool Instagram spots around the world, check out my official Instagram @mapsandmerlot.

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    1. He really is the best/ I’ve trained him well lol. We’re trying to get more photos together too so have picked up a tripod for our next trip…looking forward to some pics with both of us!

  3. Great post. This island looks absolutely stunning and I would give everything to be there right now!

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