12 Top Photo Spots in Savannah, Georgia

This may not be breaking news, but I still have to say it: Savannah, Georgia is one seriously cool little city. If you spend a few hours meandering through, it’s easy to see why. Historic squares, a booming craft cocktail scene, and plenty of down home comfort food draw in visitors by the boatload.

Plus, the stately mansions, lofty moss-draped oaks, and picturesque fountains make it a photographer’s dream. If you’re planning on taking a stroll through the city, make sure you hit up these top photo spots in Savannah!

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Map of Top Photo Spots in Savannah

Here is an interactive map of all locations mentioned in the post, which are color coded by category. You can zoom in on the map to get better detail and plan your own route through Savannah!

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1 | Forsyth Park

We’re starting with the park at the top of every “top photo spots in Savannah” list. That’s because you just can’t miss it. Forsyth Park is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon posted up with a good book, or for the non-lit lovers, some plain old-fashioned people watching.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

2 | Squares & Fountains

Fortunately, Forsyth isn’t the only incredibly photogenic park in Savannah…the city has SOOO many squares to choose from! Just mosey around, sit on the edge of fountains, and see where the day takes you.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!
Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!
Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

3 | Rainbow Row (East Bryan St.)

Thought only Charleston, SC has a Rainbow Row? Think again, because Savannah has one of its very own! This row of pastel houses is super cute, plus it’s located near some of the main sights, so it’s an easy stop to make.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

4 | Bonaventure Cemetery

The Cemetery is just a short drive outside of the city, and with the hanging moss and old gravestones, it’s a can’t-miss spot in Savannah. Book a Bonaventure Cemetery Tour to get the history behind some of the cemetery’s most well-known residents!

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

5 | Jones Street

Oh Jones Street, you took my breath away! Picture the most adorable historic area, multiply it by 100, and you get Jones Street. Spend some time meandering through the area and drinking in those beautiful old houses!

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!
Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!
Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

6 | Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The church has to be on your list for top photo spots in Savannah! Whether you’re snapping from the inside or out, it’s not only a place of worship, but a piece of artwork. If you have a wide-lens camera, you can get some cool shots from the exterior!

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

7 | Alex Raskin Antiques

This antique shop is an absolute maze on the inside, and a picture of unrestored glory on the outside. It ended up being one of my favorite buildings in Savannah! In my humble opinion, it definitely falls on the list of top photo spots in Savannah.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

8 | Wormsloe Plantation

I almost didn’t stop here (it was the last spot on our way home!), but oh my gosh, I’m so glad I did! The pictures don’t even do it justice. This 1.5 mile oak-lined drive is located just a short drive outside of Savannah, and has such a magical feel to it.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

9 | Mercer-Williams House

The city of Savannah has plenty of historic homes (and tours!). We just happened upon the Mercer-Williams house in Monterey Square, which became famous from the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. If you’re interested, pop by the gift shop, and they can set you up with a tour.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

10 | The Olde Pink House

This house is actually one of the most renowned restaurants in all of Savannah, but due to my poor reservation making skills, we did not actually eat here. However, you have to stop by to at least check out the building. If you do choose to eat there, keep an eye out for the ghost…he’ll sometimes try to lock the ladies in the restroom!!

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

11 | River Street

You should obviously take a chance to walk down River Street on your own two feet, but my favorite views of the street came at night on our riverboat cruise. After enjoying a sunset and drinks on the river, we motored back to the city coming alive with lights at night.

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!
Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

The riverboat cruise comes with the option to purchase dinner, but I was 100% satisfied splitting a plate of nachos on the boat (a girl needs her snacks!) and indulging in some down-home comfort food once we got back to land. There are just too many delicious restaurants to choose from in this city!

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

12 | The Historic District

I know, I know…nearly everything I’ve mentioned on my list in in Savannah’s historic district…but these aren’t the only places to see! Make sure to save some time to wander aimlessly around and drink in those beautiful old houses! If you’re not up for hoofing it around the city, check out the Historic Savannah Trolley Tour. We were wiped out on our last day, and ended up doing it! Our driver was hilarious, and the tour also functions as hop-on, hop-off, so you can spend more time at a stop if you’d like!

Discover the top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia!

Where to Stay in Savannah

I’m still swooning over the old Savannah houses. If you’re visiting the city, you need to stay in the historic area. We stayed in The President’s Quarters Inn (a bed & breakfast) and looooved it. The breakfast was on point every morning, and it had an awesome location. Only minor incident was getting pooped on by a bird one morning at breakfast…gotta keep an eye on those suckers!

Other popular B&Bs are Justine Inn  and Forsyth Park Inn—you can’t beat their locations! I highly recommend staying in the Historic District.

3 days in Savannah, Georgia - top attractions

Getting to Savannah

Getting to Savannah: I’d recommend searching through CheapOair for flights to the Savannah/ Hilton Head Airport (SAV). They scan tons of different travel discount sites and feature special flight deals. Another alternative (depending on where you’re located) is to drive into Savannah. It’s about a 5.5 hour drive from me, which ends up being way easier than trying to catch a connecting flight.

Getting Around Savannah: For rental car deals, my go to is Expedia.  I personally liked having a car so we could explore outside the city (Tybee Island, Wormsloe Plantation, Bonaventure Cemetery, etc.) However, if you’re just staying in Savannah, it’s pretty easy to get around with walking and/ or Uber.

And there you have it, my top photo spots in Savannah, Georgia! Have you visited Savannah? What are some of your favorite spots to snap some Insta-worthy shots?

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  1. I lived in Savannah for 6 years and these photos make me miss it! You got a lot of great spots. Bonaventure is always my favorite for a picnic. ?

  2. Savannah has been on my list since reading Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil years ago. I really have to tick it off my list. Such a beautiful town and so much to see. 🙂

  3. Love this! Beautiful photos, your recommendations are amazing and your images are incredible, very well taken. Thanks for sharing this fabulous destination! Have always wanted to visit Savannah and will finally get to go this April! Heard any trip to Savannah is incomplete if you don’t take a trip to the beach. Came across this guide for things to do in savannah ga https://visittybee.com/list/must-do-tybee-island-activities-first-time-visitors

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