Paris Bucket List: 14 Unique Activities

If you’re visiting Paris, how in the world do you decide what to do? Paris is renowned across the world and adults and children alike dream of one day visiting the magical city.

One of the most amazing things about Paris is the number of things to do (and eat & drink) in the city. We all know that Paris is renowned for Notre Dame, Champ Elysees, and the Eiffel Tower. But that’s not all there is to the City of Lights…there are so many unique activities to add to your Paris bucket list, that I put together a lovely guide for you.

While these aren’t “off-the-beaten-path” recommendations, they are unique ways to experience the city outside of the typical museum hopping and walking tours. These were some of my must-do Paris bucket list activities, so I hope they’ll help you to plan your trip!

  1. Picnic at the Eiffel Tower
  2. Become a French Pastry Chef
  3. Photo Shoot at Rue Cremieux
  4. Find the Cute Cafes
  5. Try Escargot
  6. Polaroid Tour
  7. Montmartre Exploration
  8. Sacre-Coeur at Night
  9. Splurge on Fine Dining
  10. Eiffel Tower Light Show
  11. Visit the Love Locks
  12. Explore Bookshops
  13. Taste French Wine
  14. Tuileries Gardens

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1 | Bring a Sunset Picnic the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower with beautiful sunset

Instead of taking the elevator up the Eiffel Tower, buy the picnic essentials—baguettes, cheese, and wine—and camp out on the lawn to watch the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower. I kicked off my first Parisian evening this way, and it actually gave me goosebumps. As cheesy as it sounds, it was when it truly hit me that I was in Paris. (Side note: it’s ok to laugh, I can be super corny sometimes very frequently.) This definitely belongs at the top of your Paris bucket list.

2 | Become a French Pastry Chef (for the day)

I attended a French Desserts class with Cook’n With Class and it was seriously out of this world amazing. During our three hour class, we made chocolate lava cake (my fave!), crème brulee, blackberry soufflé, madeleines, and a gorgeous strawberry cake.

French pastry - strawberry cake

In case you’re wondering, yes – you do get to use the torch to make your crème brulee, and yes—you get to eat all of your amazing creations when you’re finished! Chef Eric Fraudeau opened Cook’n with Class 10 years ago, so I can attest to the fact that they have perfected their recipes. Plus, while I was there, I learned of a second school they run –Cook’n With Class Uzès…anyone up for an adventure there with me?

using a torch to make creme brulee

3 | Have a Photo Shoot in Rue Cremieux

Rue Cremieux is one of the happiest, most colorful spots in Paris. A street of rainbow colored houses with pastel colors, Rue Cremieux is basically Instagram heaven. Even if you have to awkwardly approach strangers for photos, it’s definitely worth a stroll.

photo shoot on the Rue Cremieux

4 | Scour the city for the cutest cafes

Paris is known for their adorable cafes (and croissants)! Do yourself a favor, and keep a lookout for the most charming ones. Please report back to me! I found plenty, but am always on the lookout for more! Food plus charm will always win a spot on my Paris bucket list.

Le Petit Parisien Café in Montmartre, Paris

Checkered tablecloths just seemed so French to me…or maybe it was all the wine?

Paris bucket list - cafes

As mentioned, wine and cheese is kind of a must in France. I’m not ashamed to admit, but on a couple of my nights in France, I got a baguette, plenty of cheese, and some delicious wine and called it dinner! 

Paris bucket list - charcuterie board and wine
Paris bucket list - outdoor cafe
Amsterdam bridge over a canal

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5 | Eat a plate of escargot

Full disclosure: I never planned to ever eat a snail in my life. I typically stay away from gross, slimy things that crawl on the ground, but I decided to make an exception in Paris…and let me tell you, it was worth it. The snails mostly tasted like delightful clams with garlic. Also, it sounds very fancy when you say you’ve dined on escargot in Paris, so I’d go for it if I were you!

plate of escargot with garlic

6 | Snap Polaroids of Paris

Next up on your Paris bucket list is to take a Polaroid tour of the city with Paris Photo Walks. I did the Classic Tour and saw the city’s most beautiful monuments while learning about Parisian history.

Polaroid in front of a fountain

The guide was so knowledgeable—she told stories about the mixture of cultures, ancient revolutions, and rulers who shaped the history of France’s capital. The really cool thing about the tour is that you leave with Polaroid photos as souvenirs…and they won’t even clutter up your house!

taking a photo on a bridge in Paris

7 | Wander through Montmartre

If you’re in Paris for more than a day, you have to spend time in Montmartre. It had some of the most adorable cafes in all of Paris. Plus, I ate dinner there one night and you basically had to force me to leave. I basically wanted to move into the restaurant and never leave…it was that good.

Le Consultat Restaurant in Montmartre

Ugh, even just looking at these photos has me thinking of Montmartre all over again. Also, note the spelling–I was definitely misspelling it for the longest time.

Paris bucket list - Montmartre

Make sure to check out Montmartre at night! It’s an experience not to be missed.

Paris bucket list - Montmartre in the evening

And once you climb ALL the way up, you can get views like this!

Paris bucket list - Montmartre from above

One last thing to note – Montmartre is filled with sooooo many hills, so wear some comfy walking shoes. Today is not the day to show off your newest heels. I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Montmartre, and it definitely belongs on your Paris bucket list.

Paris bucket list - Montmartre hills

8| Visit Sacre-Coeur at Night

While you’re in the Montmartre neighborhood, climb up to the Sacre-Couer and take in views of Paris at night. From the top of the hill, you can see why it’s called the city of lights! The night I visited, there was a spontaneous little concert…definitely one of the best things to add to your Paris bucket list.

Sacre-Coeur at night

It’s not so shabby to visit during the day either. However, it can definitely get crowded, so make sure you’re prepared.

Paris bucket list - Sacre-Couer during the day

9 | Splurge on Fine Dining

So maybe this isn’t so unique, but you still have to splurge on fine dining in Paris. Paris offers everything from escargot to duck confit to foie gras…plus many, many more. Try something new one night, and take your taste buds out of their comfort zone! Also, the typical croissants, baguettes, and cheese are world renowned for a reason…they may not be famous, but they’re oh so good.

Looking back, I may have eaten some combo of bread & cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day… If you’re interested, you can also take a private food tour of Paris.

Parisian cafe with colorful dining

10 | Catch the Eiffel Tower Light Show

After the sun goes down, the Eiffel Tower lights up on the hour and plays a light show. Honestly, a picture can’t capture the sparkling lights, so you should probably just go in person. If you want to see the whole city lit up at night, check out this 1 Hour Paris Illuminations Cruise. The lights were a spectacular experience that absolutely gave me goosebumps and are a highlight of a Paris bucket list.

Eiffel Tower light show at night

11 | Find the Love Locks

The love locks used to live on the Pont des Arts Bridge, but started to create a problem as the weight of the locks grew. In 2015, the city removed them section by section, but you can still find love locks in the city (with a beautiful view).

love locks on a bridge in Paris

12 | Get Lost in a Bookshop

I’m a (not so secret) book nerd, so I love finding cute little bookshops and wandering through. Let me tell you, Paris did not disappoint in that regard. Cafes, boutiques, and bookshops were all over the place, and I was in heaven!

Shakespeare and Company book shop in Paris
Paris bucket list - bookstore

13 | Drink too Much Wine

France is known for its wine, and I love wine (obviously), so I made sure to do this step to the fullest. Wine goes great with dinner, lunch, your afternoon baguette, you name it! Paris offers tons of options for wine tastings if you’re unsure where to start.

Rue St Severin creperie shop
Paris bucket list - drinking wine

14 | Relax in Tuileries Gardens

Sometimes all that wine can make you sleepy, so invest in some relaxation in the beautiful Tuileries Gardens. The Gardens are also a beautiful spot to bring lunch or a book and relax all afternoon. They’re right in the middle of everything, so whenever you decide to rejoin the hustle and bustle, you’re right there. Also, there’s a goat that lives there (not sure if that sways you one way or another, but figured it would be good to mention).

Tuileries Gardens
Tuileries Gardens hedges

What Else Should I Do?

If you’ve exhausted my Paris bucket list, no fear! I have plenty of other awesome recommendations for you.

  • Seine River Cruise with Dinner –There’s no better way to see Paris that cruising along the river. Even better, it comes with dinner!
  • Murder Mysteries Walking Tour – Visit the dark side of Paris’ history that lurks beneath its picturesque façade. Discover its long history of gruesome executions, torture, and the reign of terror.
  • Segway Tour –Pressed for time? See highlights of Paris in two hours on this awesome Segway tour!
  • Paris Catacombs –If you’re into spooky things, you have to check out the Paris Catacombs and learn about the fascinating ways the city has dealt with its deceased.
  • Palace of Versailles –This ticket sets up your transfer and lets you skip the line…definitely worth checking out!
Paris bucket list - Moulin Rouge at night

Flights to Paris

I’d recommend searching through They scan tons of different travel discount sites and feature special flight deals. Fly into Paris, and it’s just a short metro ride into the city! This handy metro map is incredibly helpful – I used it to map out my route from the airport to Gare du Nord.

Where to Stay in Paris

Budget: Since I was traveling solo, I personally opted to stay in a hostel to make some friends! I absolutely loved St. Christopher’s Gare du Nord ; it has an awesome location by the train station, good prices, and a super fun hostel bar.

Mid-Range: Another cool option is to stay in the Latin Quarter of the city at the Familia Hotel. The 5th arrondissement is a great choice for travelers interested in foodhistory and art.

Higher-End: For families and couples that want the location, stay in the heart of Paris at the Hoxton. Not only do you get a top location, but you can enjoy a beautiful courtyard, and the hotel is a great value for your money.

Paris Resources

I hope you found this guide on unique things to do in Paris helpful. If you haven’t been, it should definitely be on your bucket list!  Tell me—have you visited the City of Lights and loved it as much as me? What are some of your favorite things on your Paris bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love that sunset you captured at the Eiffel Tower! Last time I was in Paris, we got up for the sunrise, only to see a fog that enveloped half of the Tower. Still a beautiful sight, but not what we were expecting. Great recommendations all around – I would love to do a cooking class in Paris one day!

  2. Loved number one on this list! I’ve been to Paris quite a few times, but you’ve certainly given me a few more things I’d like to do there.

  3. I’ve been to Paris a few times, but never thought about taking a class like that! That’s such an amazing idea!!! And I’ve never heard of Rue Cremieux before, but I definitely need to check that out next time I’m there =)

  4. I’m happy to say that I did 13 of the 14 from the list! Gah, I LOVE Paris! I’ve been a few times already – but I never get tired of the city. Always something new to explore! Great post!

  5. Really awesome list of things to do in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. There is so much to see and do and you’ve managed to squeeze so much in! It’s a city just made to wander and eat around! Loved escargot too!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I was a little nervous going in, since I had heard other people say that it also wasn’t their favorite. I’m really happy I went though since I ended up having a ton of fun 🙂

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