10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Barbados

I imagine that by this part of winter with the holidays in the rearview mirror, most folks are pretty fed up with snow shoveling, scraping ice off the windshield, and wearing pants. That last part might just be me…I HATE pants!

In any case, imagine trading in the snow and freezing temps for a balmy beach, rum punch, and endless sunshine. Sound decent to you?? I’d hope so! Otherwise, we’re probably not friends. Read on for what to do in Barbados and why it’s the perfect winter getaway!

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1 | Drink Rum Punch

Immediately upon arrival, I was greeted with some spicy rum punch. Basically, everywhere you go, you will find rum punch, as well as Deputy and Banks beers. Banks became a personal favorite of mine. But really, who am I kidding? Everything tastes better in a bikini!

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2 | Take a Sail

Here’s a question for you: would you rather be doing some work in your cube or lounging on a catamaran? I personally prefer the second, so that’s what I did. Barbados has a number of options for day cruises (all about the same price), so hop on and ride off into the sunset.

Discover what to do in Barbados - your perfect weekend itinerary!

3 | Snorkel with Turtles

Snorkeling with turtles was definitely one of the highlights of my time in Barbados! Bonus points if you can combine your sailing experience with snorkeling. I became BFFs with Myrtle the Turtle on my trip. It was amazing getting to interact with them in their natural habitat…they’re incredibly graceful creatures.

what to do in Barbados, weekend in Barbados, Barbados itinerary, Barbados attractions

4 | Beach Naps

This should be obvious…take a nice nap on the beach and just relax. Snorkeling can make for a tough day, so make sure you unwind. Only sort of kidding here…snorkeling can actually be quite exhausting if you’re snorkel-mask challenged like myself. Not sure if I have an oddly shaped head, but I feel like I’m forever adjusting and de-fogging the mask, all the while trying not to sink!

Discover what to do in Barbados - your perfect weekend itinerary!

5 | Explore Harrison’s Cave

Take a cab or bus up to Harrison’s Cave and explore. There are frequent guided tours that take you through the caves and teach you about the history and geography behind their formation. If you’re a secret nerd like me, I cannot recommend this enough. Even if you’re not a nerd, who doesn’t love cave pics?!

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6 | Check out St Lawrence Gap

St. Lawrence Gap is basically where all of the cool kids go. Head downtown for an awesome night out; this area is renowned for lively nightlife, delicious restaurants, and shopping. Café Sol offers 2 for 1 rum punch, so became one of my personal faves (obvi.) A local favorite is Old Jamm Inn, an indoor/outdoor club with music, dancing, and plenty of Banks beer.

Discover what to do in Barbados - your perfect weekend itinerary!

7 | Sunbathe on Browne’s Beach

This became my favorite spot since I could literally walk out of the hotel onto a flawless white sandy beach. You can choose to frolic in the surf, be a badass on a jetskii, or check out the snorkel scene. Locals walk around offering different services –everything from stand-up paddleboarding to aloe foot rubs, so pick your poison.

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8 | Take a ZR

This one is not for the faint of heart, but something I found incredibly fun. ZRs quickly became my favorite way to get around the island; they’re these white vans that race through the streets picking up passengers along the way. Drivers definitely abide to “the more, the merrier” motto, so you’ll be getting cozy with your neighbor. (Cross your fingers that he’s cute.) It’s a super cheap and speedy way to get around the island, so buckle up!

9 | Walk through Bridgetown

While you’re in Barbados, take some time to explore Bridgetown. It was super crowded with locals when I walked through, but made for some entertaining people watching. Make sure to cool off with a frosty Bajan beer afterward and take in the sights of their bustling downtown. Even better, set aside a couple hours for a walking tour through Bridgetown.

what to do in Barbados, weekend in Barbados, Barbados itinerary, Barbados attractions

Discover what to do in Barbados - your perfect weekend itinerary!

10 | Don’t Miss a Sunset

Slow your roll one night and take in a fiery sunset. I saw some absolutely magical ones while I was there. There truly is nothing quite like seeing the sun slip behind the horizon over a beautiful ocean.

what to do in Barbados, weekend in Barbados, Barbados itinerary, Barbados attractions

Additional Barbados Activities

For plenty of additional suggestions on what to do in Barbados, check out my following list:

  • Jolly Roger Lunch Cruise – Walk the plank on these fun pirate-themed boat excursion; chow down on some delicious barbecue and partake in the ultimate pirate experience!
  • Surf Lessons – Great for beginners or intermediate surfers, learn to surf or brush up on your surfing skills!
  • Hiking & Heritage Trail – Enjoy a hike along a beautiful trail designed to show off Barbados’ unique beauty and geology.
  • Oistins Fish Fry – Savor the local culture, food, and drink in Oistins!


Cheap flights: I’d recommend searching through eDreams.net. They scan tons of different travel discount sites and feature special flight deals.  Keep an eye out for Jetblue deals…if you have flexibility, you can sometimes snag a round trip flight for as low as $150! After landing at Bridgetown airport, grab a cab to your hotel.

Hotel Deals: I loved the area near the Radisson and Hilton and would hands down recommend either of them. The beach is quiet, and there’s nothing quite like walking out of your room into the beautiful blue ocean. Also, the Radisson’s rum drinks are out of this world delicious, so I may be just a little partial to them. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort, check out the Sandals Resort. All-inclusive resorts take the stress out of planning, but you’re also more likely to stay there and not see as much of the island, so keep that in mind!

Other Caribbean Resources: If you’re looking for some additional Caribbean destination inspiration, make sure to check out my guides below:

Now off you go! Go ahead, book that flight, and frolic in the ocean! Let me know your opinions on what to do in Barbados…I’m sure I’ll be back again before I know it.

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  1. I’d love to snorkel with the turtles. You just gave me enough reasons to plan a visit to Barbados for my next adventures. If only I found cheap flights from Europe to the Caribbean!

  2. Harrison’s cave — that looks majestic!
    Looks like the ideal down-time travel destination, a place I’d go to relax and focus on making some art, connecting with people… The simple pleasures of life.
    I’d be very interested in the cultural make-up of Barbados. What are people like? The languages, religious beliefs, etc.

    1. Everyone speaks English down there, which was very convenient. I loved their laid-back approach to life – so different than the US. As far as religious beliefs, the vast majority of the population identifies as Christian. Overall, they’re extremely friendly people

  3. Turtles are soooooo cute!! The water color is so amazing it’s almost not real!! And that building in the water at brownes beach.. This makes me so sad I’m in cold grey europe right now.

  4. Who wouldn’t love to snorkel with turtles and drink rum punch all day? Like you said, there is nothing like watching a sunset over a gorgeous beach. I am also getting tired of pants. Thankfully Summer in India is not far off.

  5. That cave looks so mysterious, I would totally love to explore it. The beaches also look stunning and snorkeling with tortoise is a tempting choice. I want to head to barbados right away

  6. I would love to explore the caves and snorkel with the turtles! We are in dire need for a warm vacation. All our previous destinations have been cold. I think Barbados will be in our near future!

  7. Barbados is another destination on my travel list this year. it just looks like paradise! I won’t say no to white sandy beach like Browne’s, but snorkeling with turtles will probably top my reasons to go there! And yeah, having a lazy day on the beach watching the sunset will be cool too.

  8. It’s summer in Sydney and 41c today so while I have no need to escape snow shovelling I can still see the appeal of Barbados! Snorkelling with the turtles looks amazing and something I would love to try. That said just plonk me on a beach in a bikini with a rum punch and I would be perfectly content.

  9. Ooh yes, I have fallen in love alright – Harrison’s cave sound really intriguing but what I love the most is the swimming with the turtles bit. I would sooo enjoy that!

  10. It sure sounds like some amazing activities. We have so far not considered going to Barbados, but the Caribbean is on our lists in one way or another. Would really like to see an ocean with that blue color one day, so far I have not had that opportunity. 🙂

  11. Well, you got me right from the begining with “balmy beach, rum punch, and endless sunshine”. Definetly my kind of spot! Then you go on talking about snorkeling with turtles, one of my favorite animals. Can it get much better then that! Loved your post and all the tips. Congrats!

  12. I think I would fall in love with Barbados at first sight, for no reason at all. But loved your post, and hope to get there in person some day. The sunset is magical and the beach really inviting.

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