St Barts: Playground of the Rich & Famous

Welcome to St Barts, where the rich come to frolic amidst crystal clear water, deserted white sand beaches, and lavish villas boasting insane panoramas. Somehow I was able to sneak in, and let me tell you, it was luxurious and absurdly gorgeous…I can see why they want to keep it for themselves. Read on for what to do in St Barts.

St Barts is an idyllic island in the French West Indies that is a luxury tourist hotspot, and for good reason. The island can be a bit pricey for a long vacation, but for a quick winter getaway, it absolutely hits the spot and will give you that dose of sunshine you’re desperately craving!

I know you’re frantically Googling flights for this coming weekend, so while you solve the transportation end, let me help you with a list of what to do in St Barts.

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what to do in St Barts - Governors Beach

1 | Governor’s Beach (Anse de Gouverneur)

This was my favorite beach on the island. When I arrived, it was completely deserted—like zero other human beings around. Spend some quality time reading your favorite novel, and enjoy the sight of nude granny sunbathers….wait, what is that you ask?? Well, at some point during my book, several ladies of the 60+ crowd decided to join me on my deserted beach, strip down, and play in the ocean. If this happens, have a drink and go back to your book. Not really sure what proper etiquette is in such a situation.

what to do in St Barts - beach

2 | St Jean’s Bay (Baie de St Jean)

If you’ve had your fill of relaxing, head to Baie de St Jean—the top beach for people-watching, partying, and getting your drink on. Make some new friends and dance the night (or day) away!

3 | Rent a Car

Take a drive through Grand Fond and pull over whenever it tickles your fancy. It’s an easy way to check out all of the beaches that St Barts has to offer, and a perfect refreshing alternative to a toasty beach day.

what to do in St Barts - beach and drive

4 | Explore Gustavia

As the capital of St Barts, Gustavia is home to some amazing (read: expensive) shops, tasty restaurants, and endless opportunities to explore. While I was there, I made sure to check out the downtown area, the fort overlooking the bay (with honestly unbelievable views), and a sand cemetery.

what to do in St Barts - downtown
what to do in St Barts - view from the fort

Typically, I’m not a huge cemetery person, because you know…dead people, but this one is surprisingly picturesque and definitely worth a visit.

what to do in St Barts - downtown cemetary

5 | Pretend to be a Billionaire

One of my favorite things about St Barts was the pure glitz and glam image it projected. Billionaires and celebrities flock to this little island, oftentimes in yachts. Spend some quality time being jealous of their boats and imagining yourself there one day…if not, I hear they’re always looking for deck crews (plus side: you get cute little uniforms to wear!

what to do in St Barts - nice boats

6 | Boat Happy Hour

It’s a well-known fact that drinks taste better on a boat, so make friends with some rich yachties I mentioned above, or a sunset cruise will also work. In any case, St Barts sunsets are a must-see while you’re on the island.

what to do in St Barts - happy hour on a boat

7 | Ile Fourche

Ile Fourche is a deserted island off the coast of St Barts. Wikipedia tells us that its only inhabitants are goats…so obviously I had to check it out. Sailing to Ile Fourche is 100% a unique experience. Arrive there with a picnic lunch (remember, deserted islands = no lunch options), and spend some time hiking the island. You can grab some breathtaking views of the ocean, while at the same time sweating off some of those frozen daiquiris you’ve been sipping on the beach.

what to do in St Barts - Ile Fourche

8 | Tree House Restaurant

Last but not least, find a tree house restaurant and enjoy that delicious seafood. I’ll warn you that St Barts is definitely not a budget vacation, but the food is oh so worth it. The tree house part is just a scenic bonus!

what to do in St Barts - tree house dinner

Bottom Line: St Barts is insanely beautiful, offers a boatload (see what I did there—boat puns) of activities, and is an amazing place to get a taste of the high life. Check it out for a winter getaway and soak in that sunshine for me!

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  1. I only did a day trip to St. Barts but I loved it. It is so beautiful. We really like Saline Beach. I want to go back and check out these other beaches and also that desserted island!

    1. I use to live in St.Barths in the70S and early80S.Still have friends there who are in their 60S and 70S. We went top less or nude to the beach way before you were born. Why stop now. It is a French island by the way.

      1. I bet it was a lot of fun back in those days. I probably would have partaken in the beach activities, except I was with family, so would have been a bit awkward for me haha 🙂 Such a beautiful island though!

  2. Hehe, you are correct – Drinks do taste better on boats! I definitely need to explore of few of these beaches at St Barts.

  3. Even if this gorgeous spot is not a budget option, I love that you’ve included activities that don’t cost anything but perhaps a drive to it such as the stunning beaches and cliffs!

  4. The deserted island sounds more my speed. I wonder if you’re allowed to pitch a tent there and stay for a few days because I’d be keen on that. Plus goats are adorable!

  5. Omg I’ve been seeing your pin and thinking I needed to read this article – so glad i did. That looks pretty awesome, and you’re right – sometimes it is really quite nice to splurge and jet off to the sunshine. Sigh, another one on the list but great post.

  6. Gorgeous photos, and great tips for a visit to St. Barts! I cannot believe you had that beach to yourself when you arrived – that seems like such an impossible feat in a beautiful island location like that!

  7. St Barts is gorgeous isn’t it, typical stunning caribbean beaches – don’t mind if I do! I love your idea to make friends with billionaire yacht owners, I would definitely prefer to sip my cocktails in a decadent manner and this would be the way to do it! #feetdotravel

  8. Wow, St Barts looks absolutely stunning and there is plenty to do other than just lying on the beach! Sounds like I would enjoy it as I am not much of a beach person – however I could do with some beach time as I definitely have SAD right now as it’s pouring with rain in London! Thanks for sharing

  9. This place looks amazing – heaven on Earth for me, especially now that weather in London is so bad. I agree with you, drinks do taste better on a cruise. Thank you for sharing, will pin this for future reference.

  10. It is a little piece of paradise, very pretty. Not sure why I never considered it other than price. Your photos are great really captured the beauty there. Thanks for sharing might just get there yet!

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